Why Hire A House Cleaner

Why it make sense to hire a home or residential cleaner

What to do, what to do when you just don’t have the time and energy to manage the house cleaning, school and work. I know, get some hired help to help with the house cleaning. I started using a house cleaner a while back now and I just love the options that are available to me.

Here are a few reasons why you should have a home cleaner on a weekly basis:

Weekly House Cleaning Services

For us to afford a house keeper or full-out stay in-house keeper does not meet our financial needs so we make use of an external company who can give us with house or residential cleaning services. The name of the company is Happy Duster cleaning services. We can now afford to have a house cleaner over when it suits us and when needed.

Keeping it Clean

With the affordable rates that are provided by Happy Dusters cleaning services we can afford to keep our house clean. Keeping it clean from all the rooms and bathrooms to the lounge and kitchen. With a few boys in the house it is not always easy to keep the rooms nice and tidy, we are almost sure to have a messy house on a regular basis. Not to mention the pets that is in and around the house as well.

Cleaning Supplies not need

I don’t normally shop for all the house hold cleaning supplies that one would need to keep it clean and smelling nice. Happy Dusters will happily give the cleaning supplies needed to clean your rooms, bathrooms, lounge and kitchen and this comes at a small extra fee. But if you have all those supplies in your house then no problem, don’t opt for their cleaning supplies and Happy Dusters will use your supplies (I find it best to use their supplies).

Your life is busy enough as it is

With the option to hire a house cleaner, I now have more free time on my hands (and less stress). I can spend my time around the house doing the chores that I prefer or like best. Also I do the house keeping that I would not let the hired help attend to as some things are personal and best done by myself. I know everyone is not the same so your preference is yours so let the house cleaner know what she needs to attend to.

Best time to hire

For me the best time to hire a house cleaner would be on a Monday and sometimes on a Thursday. The reason why I choose Mondays is because the week ahead can be tedious and I like to make sure that I have a fresh start to the week. And best of all is that the family comes home to a clean house later in the day which makes me look good. Thursdays, yes sometimes twice a week. I would occasionally use some hired help from Happy Dusters Cleaning Services when I know I will have people over for the weekend or entertaining guest. It does free up lots of my time and helps me concentrate on the areas I need to attend to. I am so happy that I came across this service; I don’t ever think that I will stop using their services.

Think you don’t need the help?

Well not everyone feels that they would need a house cleaner to come in and help. But you would need an extra hand when you need to prepare for a party or entertain guests, everyone in the house might not be able to help your keep the house tidy, a new born baby in the house or simply just to give you a treat to have some time off. So yes there will always be a (good) reason why you would need to use the services of Happy Dusters Cleaning services.

Hired Help

Now that we continuously use the cleaning services provided by Happy Dusters we come to appreciate the efforts that they put in to assist us on a personal level. I remind my family that we are in a fortunate position to be able to afford the hired help provided to us. But with that said I would suggest you get a quote online or complete their order form, you will be amazed at the affordable pricing solutions available to you.


I am a happy customer of Happy Dusters Cleaning Services, I would recommend their services. All the workers are dedicated and eager to help you in your time of need. Make contact today and make your first booking.

By, one very happy customer

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