Equipping Our Staff For Success

One of the many issues South Africa is facing at the moment is the issue of
unemployment. Unemployment especially among those from poverty stricken
communities with people who have families and households to run. This flags a tireless
issue for us as citizens of the country. There is just not enough job creation and this is
where Happy Dusters wants to play it’s part in society. We have identified a need and
are taking our stand by helping eliminate unemployment.

It comes to no surprise that the unemployed or underemployed are currently being
denied opportunities.

One of the things we are very proud of at Happy Dusters is that many of the cleaners
employed by us are from these disadvantaged homes ran by single mothers. Happy
Dusters opens doors of opportunity for our cleaners to improve their skills through
training. We employ and train up women who seek help providing for their families,
running their households and have difficulty finding employment.

“Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day; teach him how to fish, and he will be
able to feed himself for the rest of his life.”

Advantages we found in creating work for our staff:
● Providing an income for single mothers
● Creating sustainable living
● Providing food on the table
● There is a reduce in poverty
● Equipping unskilled with valuable skills
● Reducing the number of unemployed workers
● Better client satisfaction

The unemployment rate amongst women is far greater than that amongst men. And this
is a key driving force behind our recruitment process and procedure. We are not only passionate about uplifting our communities but we realise the importance of equipping and then celebrating everything our staff have achieved. Our aim is to be able to provide over 100 women with sustainable work in the next 5 years and create a new generation of ladies who can then better equip more women and eventually close the unemployment gap. Not only do we smile because we are creating a direct impact, but we smile knowing
that we are proving meaning and happiness.

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